The State of the Tanktronic Union

Sooooo, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything around here.

You know how when you haven’t called a friend in a while, and you know you really should call them, and you tell yourself you’ll wait for an important event to finally make the call, only then nothing  feels important enough to call out of the blue, and before you know it you haven’t spoken to a good friend for like four years?  Yeah, that’s sort of what happened here.

Well, that’s half the story.  The other half is that my life got back to “normal”.  And, wouldn’t you know it, “normal” has an insatiable appetite for your free time.  Juxtaposed against my previous unemployed life, where I could confidently list several things to accomplish each day, with enough breathing room between them to adequately bake the gooey dough of my thoughts into something edible, the requirements of gainful employ leave one with frustratingly little time for creating.

Someday, I’ll find the right balance wherein I can pay my bills while still making a valuable contribution to the world; for now, though, I gots bills to pay, yo.

But you didn’t come here to read excuses.  I don’t know why you are here, truth be told, but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t to read excuses.  So I offer instead a quick look at what’s coming down my little lane on this Information Superhighway¹.

The Year of the Roses audiobook.  If you still haven’t purchased and/or read The Year of the Roses, and you plan on losing your ability to read somewhere between now and the end of January, then you’ll be thrilled to know that the audiobook version is coming very soon!

If you feel like you’ve heard that promise before, it’s because I said it five months ago.  As it turns out, recording your own audiobook when you have zero experience in either the technical or narration aspect of the product is somewhat problematic.   Like, I-finished-the-whole-fucking-thing-and-started-over-because-it-sounded-like-ass problematic.  But for realsies, I’m almost done.  Again.  Promise.

The Tanktronic Podcast.  The first podcast was targeted for release in August.  I was going to record it after the audiobook was done, and, well, see above.

Moving forward, I see as less a place for lengthy written submissions, and more as a portal to other kinds of media.  Although it will be available on iTunes, the podcast will be posted and discussed here, and the same goes for the occasional youTube videos I create.

It’s a bittersweet concession.  I’ll always value the written word as the pinnacle of communication, but it’s abundantly clear people don’t want to read shit anymore.  Fuck, it’s hard to keep people’s attention beyond ten seconds of video these days.  So, if I can still convey the thoughts or feelings I aspire to convey —without compromising—only using a different medium to allow more people to receive them, it’s a change I have to go along with.  At the end of the day, the goal of this narcissistic exercise of mine is to be heard, so I gotta yell in the right direction.

Oh, and I’m starting the second book early in 2016.  As it turns out, my story wasn’t done yet…

¹ remember when we actually called it that?  Fuck it, I’m bringing it back.