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Find Your Desirability Score!

Now that we’re all grown-ups, let’s agree that virtually everything people say they’re looking for in a mate is bullshit.  Grade AAA, unmitigated, hard-to-keep-a-straight-face bullshit.  When asked, both genders will dutifully and predictably rattle off the “proper” laundry list of traits they are seeking in a mate : smart, nice, loving, funny, and loyal.

It’s not that we all don’t want those things – but there’s plenty we do want that we leave off the list when sharing it with others, lest we sound shallow, and the unsaid items may well dwarf the spoken ones in importance when making partner evaluations in our biased heads. Continue reading Find Your Desirability Score!

Why Women Should Run Your Company

I used to smile wryly when someone would complain that they weren’t getting ahead in their career because of “politics.”  Nine times out of ten, the would-be victim was socially awkward, not as skilled in their job as they believed they were, or just a plain asshole to others.

People like to work with people they like, after all, and those in power are no exception.  So when the time comes to select one of the laboring masses to pull up to their rarified air, they will break a tie of equally-qualified candidates by choosing who they most like having around.  Occasionally they’ll even take the second-or-third-best candidate based on technical ability, knowing they might have to share a week-long business trip with them someday, and don’t want to get rung up on manslaughter charges by that Friday.

Continue reading Why Women Should Run Your Company

Paris : Day 10 – Fuck You, Paris

Well, this is the day I knew was coming.  I’m tired and irritated.  I don’t feel like dealing anyone or anything anytime soon.  Odd as it sounds, ten days into the visit, I’m entirely sure this is due to jet lag.  I didn’t really have any issues with jet lag the first seven days because I didn’t even try to assimilate to the time zone.  Continue reading Paris : Day 10 – Fuck You, Paris