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Shit That Needs to Stop : Plane Behavior

Look, people are stupid.  We know this.  There are too many people watching Two and a Half Men or downloading Nicki Minaj’s “music” to conclude anything different.  Under normal conditions, us intelligent folk can navigate our way through the minefield of idiocy relatively unscathed.  Note : I took the liberty of assuming if you’re reading this, you must be intelligent…or at the very least have excellent taste.

When you cram 150 random people into a twelve-foot diameter tube, though – that’s a whole lot of concentrated dumb.  Surviving several hours in this pressurized pipe can be a trying test for even the most passive passenger.  If you ever wondered why you find yourself weighing out the consequences of committing assault and battery halfway through your flight, these are likely the reasons why.

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Thou Shalt Not Passport

You seem to be a very well-traveled young man.  How do you feel about people that don’t have a valid passport in today’s day and age? It almost seems sad that someone would miss out on so much of the world just because they never took the time to apply for something so simple.  Don’t you feel this should almost be a requirement?

–       HR in Washington, DC

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Rome : Day I – Highway Robbery

After spending a lovely day with friends in Chicago, marred only by a dinner served by a waitress who clearly had vertigo, I made my way to O’Hare [shoutout to FK for the luxury transport] and prepared myself for the emotional trauma that would surely come from a) traveling via an airline on which I had no elite status, and b) departing for an international flight from ORD for the first time.  Somehow, I would persevere. Continue reading Rome : Day I – Highway Robbery