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What’s Your Detroit Score?

With apologies to my readers around the country and world, this one’s for the Detroiters and Michiganders.  We have some business to take care of.

If a resident of suburban Detroit, or anywhere in Michigan really, finds themselves in casual small talk with a local when they’re far from home, odds are they will say “I’m from Detroit” to simplify things and move on to the next point.  A native Parisian doesn’t know or care where Sterling Heights is; you know this, and you’re saving yourself a few sentences of clarification by fibbing a tiny bit in your answer. Continue reading What’s Your Detroit Score?

Find Your Desirability Score!

Now that we’re all grown-ups, let’s agree that virtually everything people say they’re looking for in a mate is bullshit.  Grade AAA, unmitigated, hard-to-keep-a-straight-face bullshit.  When asked, both genders will dutifully and predictably rattle off the “proper” laundry list of traits they are seeking in a mate : smart, nice, loving, funny, and loyal.

It’s not that we all don’t want those things – but there’s plenty we do want that we leave off the list when sharing it with others, lest we sound shallow, and the unsaid items may well dwarf the spoken ones in importance when making partner evaluations in our biased heads. Continue reading Find Your Desirability Score!