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German Freddie Mercury Gets Down

The following is the first of a series of excerpts from the forthcoming untitled Tanktronic book, due out this winter.  In this excerpt, I reflect on my short time living in Stadthagen, a small town in Germany.

I lived in one of the town’s two hotels, in the one room they had that loosely resembled an apartment, complete with a kitchen fully stocked with pots and pans – but no stove or oven.  That pretty much summed up the spirit of Stadthagen – accommodating and quirky.  I made my three minute commute to the office in my rented small Mercedes, a name brand which is more Chevrolet than Cadillac in Germany.  I managed to find a couple young adults [and one child, embarrassingly] outside the office who spoke English fluently, and they gave me some sense of friendship and normalcy over the weekends.

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