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…And The Best Song Ever Is…

It is, quite possibly, the only question in existence to which every answer given sounds ludicrous.

Even queries as massive in scope as “Who was the best person to ever live?” beget potential responses agreeable to most who hear them; an answer of “Mother Teresa” will elicit a thoughtful nod as a fair answer, for instance.  Asking “Who was the worst person to ever exist?” not only has plausible answers, it even has a de-facto correct one: Adolph Hitler.  Or, possibly, Nicki Minaj.

But offer your two cents on what the Best Song Ever is, and you will surely be met with an instantaneous and vitriolic “Oh, that is fucking dumb.  No way.  How could you even think that?”  You can go with The Beatles, Stones, Dylan, or Oingo Boingo, and sure as the sun will rise you will have picked the wrong one to crown as the best. Continue reading …And The Best Song Ever Is…

Ranking all 97 Metallica Songs. Because Why Not?

For reasons unbeknownst to even myself, I decided to rank every original Metallica song from their nine studio albums.  All cover songs [including the old and the new Garage Days] were excluded.  Sure, some songs like “Breadfan” would have ranked pretty damn high, but part of the criteria was songwriting, which you can’t really evaluate if it’s not a Metallica song.  The two original songs from the S&M album are included. Continue reading Ranking all 97 Metallica Songs. Because Why Not?

The 10 Most Underrated Songs of the 90’s*

* ok, and a couple from the late 80’s.

Of course this is a highly subjective list, but here’s my criteria for the list :

  • The “underrated” detail is key;  this disqualifies chart-topping singles, and songs generally considered to be the greatest of their genre or era.  “Thriller” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, for examples.
  • The more popular the artist, the harder for them to have a spot on the list.  Since virtually everything a Radiohead or Kanye West is critically acclaimed, it’s hard for their work to be considered underrated
  • Released from 1988 to 2001

Continue reading The 10 Most Underrated Songs of the 90’s*