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Love : Letting Go and Holding On

The plan was hatched back in December, months before I put my two week’s notice in :

  • Wait for my bonus, and quit in March.
  • Spend April in Paris to get inspired, enjoy the city the way it was supposed to be enjoyed, and scrape all the crap from the previous 16 months out of my head.
  • Come home for May, connect with friends and get some writing done.
  • Spend June in Rome, volunteer at the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, maybe find a new inspiration or stumble into another epiphany among the splendor of Rome.

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Rome : Day VIII – Pomodoro Potpourri

Now that EZ has been whisked back to Paris, I found myself kind of sleepwalking through the day – on one hand, not really doing much worth discussing, but on the other, more aware of the little things.  This is probably a good time to recap some random observations and idiosyncrasies of Rome; at least from this American’s perspective :

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Rome : Day VII – Fried and Tongue-Tied

I’m not exactly proud of it, but we found ourselves back at Rossopomodoro for lunch.  I know, it’s almost sacrilege to return to a place that might even be a distant cousin of Applebee’s in its ethos, but it was a pretty simple equation on this day – it was hot as fuck out there, and they were the closest place that had indoor seating with air conditioning. Continue reading Rome : Day VII – Fried and Tongue-Tied

Rome : Day VI – A Contrast in Service

We got up at a time where eating cereal was actually appropriate, which was par for the course for EZ, but for me was a source of great pride and sense of accomplishment.  Over breakfast we laid out our plan for the day, of course optimized to avoid backtracking of taking an inefficient route – I may be wild and free in my unemployment, but I am still me. Continue reading Rome : Day VI – A Contrast in Service