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The Disappearing Middle

The scene plays out in a strikingly similar manner, regardless of topic.  During a group discussion about prominent news items, you’ll state your belief, the group unanimously disagrees, and you find yourself looking around the room, eyes wide open whilst scanning each individual, palms up, emoting a very clear “Seriously?  No one is going to back me up on this?”

Eventually, you become unsure if you should jump in the fray and explain your viewpoint or just let it pass without comment.  After all, what’s the point?  Online and off line, opinions on virtually every topical event are becoming increasingly antithetic.  The conversations are shortening, the distance between opinions are lengthening, and consensus is being reached ever more rarely.

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Right or Happy

I don’t think I’m too far out of the ordinary when I say that I want to be right.  I’m competitive, analytical, and even – I know this is hard to believe – argumentative.  I had my viewpoint, and I would be determined to prove its worth to you, until either you openly accepted it or I was satisfied that I had made my case so robustly that your response was rendered moot anyway. Continue reading Right or Happy