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The Old Man and the Pee

After enduring the check in and boarding process at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport – the Tenth Circle of Hell – and weaving between the folks depositing their carry-on and sundry gifts for friends back home into the overhead bins, I found my seat, 27A, in the front row of the rear Economy section of the Airbus A330.  I got myself organized and took my seat, immediately subjected to small talk from the business-travel-guy in 27B.

When the attendant came to check on our willingness and ability to operate the door in an emergency, he interrupted her, reciting the required questions she was about to ask, ostensibly to impress her, or me, or both with his innate knowledge of FAA safety procedure.  Clearly, he didn’t know who the fuck he was sitting next to.  But I digress…

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