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Democrat vs Republican : It’s the Thought That Counts

We’ve all been there. Christmas as a kid, maybe, or a random birthday in your adulthood.  Some kind soul offers you a wrapped gift, you open it and it is…terrible.  Like, you want to say “what the fuck am I supposed to do with this thing?” terrible.

Yet, you make eye contact with the giver, you smile, and you muster up the most sincere “Thank you!” that you can; because like your Mom taught you growing up – it’s the thought that counts.

Yesterday, we Americans saw a considerable shift in power, yet again, from one of our two parties to the other.  It wasn’t a surprise either in the moment or in the longer scope of history – six years into a sitting president, folks will always bemoan that there is still discord somewhere in the world and the Treasury hasn’t yet backed a Brinks truck up their driveway to shower them with cash, so they insist that we need a new direction.

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