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Excerpts from Suburbia : Panera Bread

The suburbs.  It’s the same shit on every corner.  If you need anything that’s not a cell phone, fake tan, cup of Starbucks, or burger, you’re probably gonna have to drive a little.  And oh yes, you will drive, because mass transit in the suburbs is like tolerance at the Republican National Convention – it might exist, but you’re gonna need a map and good luck to find it.

Being the savvy, cultured, international debutante that I am, it’s not always a comforting experience here in Suburbia; I can get a little restless looking for novelty and excitement.  I’ve come to learn, though, that if I pay enough attention, I can still find wonderful and bizarre things.

This week, I spent a couple hours in Panera Bread.

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The Fault in Our SARS (and Ebola)

As predicted in last week’s post, the true magnitude of the current Ebola epidemic – as it related to potential spreading in America – turned out to be somewhere between pants-shitting exponential growth feared by some, and the tidy, clean finish where all risk, panic, and fear would be put to rest along with Thomas Eric Duncan that was smugly expected by others.

Granted, all scientific evidence and history points to the latter group being much closer to the proper level of concern.  This is a relatively difficult disease to contract, and with proper precautions taken by a responsible and thorough medical staff and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the odds of anyone contracting Ebola stateside were almost nil.

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