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Our Rights Trump Your Religion

Each and every person on this Earth has an inalienable right to live in peace, to pursue their own happiness, and to be regarded and treated as equals to all other people in every measurable way.  If you hold religious beliefs that are at odds with these concepts, then your religious beliefs are a problem.  A problem that needs to be addressed.

As a group of human beings occupying this planet simultaneously, we have a collective choice to make: either we strive towards those simple yet critical ends, or we don’t.  If we choose to – and I tend to believe any halfway reasonable Supreme Being would want us to – then we have to stop acting as if religion is exempt from any manner of criticism.

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An Investment in Peace

In the days that followed her passing, during the grim perfunctory tasks that come with cleaning up after a life, my mother’s handwritten journals made their way into my hands.  There were five books in all, each one spiral bound with a very Hallmark-esque pastel flowery cover.  Newspaper clippings and hard copies of emails received rained from the books when handled.

Mom told us, my sister and I, before she passed, that she wanted us to read them; indeed, our eventual reading of them was her sole purpose for writing them.  She wanted her children to know her, as an adult, in a way she never got to know her parents.  My sister grazed through them immediately after her funeral; I read through a couple of the books during business trips over the Pacific in the subsequent months.  I think subconsciously, neither one of us was ready to absorb any of the words – not yet.

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