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What Roger Goodell and the NFL SHOULD Have Said

Oh, Roger.

Skipping over the fact that your entire reading of the NFL’s carefully crafted script was wooden and lacking any sincerity, I can’t believe that that was the output of an ostensibly top-notch PR and Communications staff.

It was a disappointing exercise in corporate CYA standard operating procedure – say that you screwed up (without actually taking any punishment), throw some money at an organization that combats the problems you exacerbated, and finish off with a cliche-fest of buzzwords about how nothing is off the table, you will use all available resources, you will get this right, these colors don’t run, shifting the paradigm, outside the box, blah blah blah.

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15 Weeks for Personnel Foul – Boycotting the NFL

Back when I first wrote about my disappointment in the NFL late in July over the issuing of a paltry two-game suspension  for Ray Rice, their continued defense of the Redskins in keeping their offensive name, and their shameful apathy towards former players with lifelong injuries and illnesses, I thought for a hot second about stating that I would boycott the NFL for those reasons.

Because writing it would mean I would have to actually boycott the NFL – I may not be winning Pulitzers over here, but I don’t lie – I stopped short of doing so.  I was disappointed and frustrated, but not yet disgusted.

Well, now I’m disgusted.

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The NFL is America. The Bad Part.

Over the past week we’ve heard all the facts, seen the video, and witnessed the justifiable outrage over the NFL’s laughably soft punishment of Ray Rice for punching his fiancé in the face and knocking her unconscious in an elevator. Well, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so insulting to the intelligence of the population in general, and women in particular.

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