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The 45 Best Albums of All Time (That I Own)

I’m actually surprised that I have not yet seen a list of the best “Best Albums of All Time” lists.  Virtually every person with a keyboard who is even tangentially related to music has weighed in at some point or another with their countdown of the best albums that ever were.  And, in my humble opinion, they’re usually kind of boring.

For the same reasons football coaches punt on fourth down even when statistics tell them they’d be better off going for it, anyone writing about music for a living doesn’t want to risk losing their credibility by daring to name any album not by The Beatles, Dylan, Rolling Stones, or Chaka Khan at the top of their list.  The lists become an exercise of expectations over expression.  Consequently, they conjure up a lot more “that makes sense” thoughts than “great fuckin’ album” thoughts.

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