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For the Mothers…

This past week, I found myself with about an hour to kill between commitments, so I headed over to a nearby Starbucks; maybe I could squeeze out a few paragraphs before meeting a friend to catch up on the past couple months.  Walking to the front door, I noticed a decade-old white SUV in the nearest handicap parking space. Outside the open passenger door, a lady in her seventies – smartly dressed with well kept silver hair – was helping her husband out of the truck.

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Paris : Day 1 – Angels and Airplanes

I guess the whole point is, we can never know.

Are the little coincidences really coincidences?  Or are they the universe trying to talk to us the only way it can, short of mailing us a FedEx package with a return address of “Universe” containing a note that says “Here’s something you need to know…” ?

I suppose that’s where faith comes in.

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