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The 45 Best Albums of All Time (That I Own)

I’m actually surprised that I have not yet seen a list of the best “Best Albums of All Time” lists.  Virtually every person with a keyboard who is even tangentially related to music has weighed in at some point or another with their countdown of the best albums that ever were.  And, in my humble opinion, they’re usually kind of boring.

For the same reasons football coaches punt on fourth down even when statistics tell them they’d be better off going for it, anyone writing about music for a living doesn’t want to risk losing their credibility by daring to name any album not by The Beatles, Dylan, Rolling Stones, or Chaka Khan at the top of their list.  The lists become an exercise of expectations over expression.  Consequently, they conjure up a lot more “that makes sense” thoughts than “great fuckin’ album” thoughts.

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Shit That Needs to Stop : Business Email

So, as some of you may know (I really don’t get into my backstory here, do I?  I should write a book or something…) I spent a fair share of my life in the corporate office setting, being driven mildly insane by the dumb shit people do there.  Yes, it wasn’t always sweatpants and Starbucks for your humble narrator – I used to be sitting where you are, right now, in a cubicle reading dumb shit on the internet with an Excel sheet open underneath it and a quick Taskbar trigger finger in case that asshole that gossips too much to your boss happens to walk behind you.

Anyway, the most concentrated, irritating, egregious aspects of these dipshits’ behavior manifest themselves over email.  Here, now, are the worst of the offenses :
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Shit That Needs to Stop : Hotels

Back in a previous life, when I used to virtually live in hotels – sometimes literally so – it became exceedingly apparent that these were strange little places.  There were some omnipresent highlights; like meticulously clean bathrooms and that feeling of dropping onto a perfectly made bed for the first time.  More often than not, though, hotels proved to be home to a maddening collection of offenses by both staff and fellow travelers alike.  These are the worst of those transgressions.

The Eternal Check-In

When I made a reservation, I gave you my name, address, email, phone number, and all my credit card info.  I presume that somewhere in the complex workings of innkeeping, you reserved a room in some fashion for me at that same time.

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