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Living in Reverse

It’s a little after 9 a.m., and you just finished off your lukewarm breakfast sandwich and plastic bottle of orange juice.  You push the tray away and turn your head to the right to look outside.  The sun is up, not many clouds out there, and you see a couple finches flutter in and out of a tree branch just outside your third floor window.  You smile at the natural beauty for a beat or two.

Your kids will come to visit shortly, and your spouse is off somewhere arranging your hospice care.  You’ve got a month left, maybe two if you’re lucky, and you can’t wait to get home and out of this God-forsaken hospital bed. Continue reading Living in Reverse

Can and Can’t

Whenever life presents options to you, and you must make a choice on how to move forward, a common theme always emerges.  Basically, your biggest and hardest decisions always come down to determining what you can’t do, versus what you can do.  The realization of the former renders the evaluation of the latter moot.  Once you know what you can no longer live with, any doubt or fear about the alternative simply becomes something you need to learn to control and triumph over.

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