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The State of the Tanktronic Union

Sooooo, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything around here.

You know how when you haven’t called a friend in a while, and you know you really should call them, and you tell yourself you’ll wait for an important event to finally make the call, only then nothing  feels important enough to call out of the blue, and before you know it you haven’t spoken to a good friend for like four years?  Yeah, that’s sort of what happened here.

Well, that’s half the story.  The other half is that my life got back to “normal”.  And, wouldn’t you know it, “normal” has an insatiable appetite for your free time.  Juxtaposed against my previous unemployed life, where I could confidently list several things to accomplish each day, with enough breathing room between them to adequately bake the gooey dough of my thoughts into something edible, the requirements of gainful employ leave one with frustratingly little time for creating. Continue reading The State of the Tanktronic Union

It’s How You Play The Game…

Bottom of the ninth.  Runner on first.  One out.

You’ve got your best baserunner on first.  The Kid has wheels.  He’s got 41 steals this year, only thrown out four times. Virtually a lock to nab second.  Your #3 batter is up, cleanup guy on deck.  Both hitting over .330 this year.

You peer from the dugout.  Across the diamond, two hundred feet away, the third base coach locks his eyes to yours.  You take a breath.  You tune out the crowd.  You make the decision, and swipe your hand over the brim of your cap.


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On The Virtue Of The Sabbatical


That’s what it cost.

Exactly one year ago yesterday, I quit my job.  I had my reasons.  Like every major life decision, though, the sabbatical was propelled more by what I couldn’t do any longer than what I wanted to do going forward.  It’s a simpler need to satisfy, anyway; picking one path from an endless selection of paths can be overwhelming, but knowing you need to get the hell off the path you’re on is a great deal more intuitive.

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The True Value of Christmas

So there we were, an extended family of about one dozen scattered about the sectional couch, tentatively and collectively focused on the television across the room showing the final minutes of the movie Elf.  The little ones had quieted down for a few minutes; for a scene or two we could hear the words instead of just watching the images flicker by.

Then, in the penultimate scene of the film, Zooey Deschanel gets up on a carriage and starts signing Christmas carols to… I don’t know, something about Christmas Spirit and an amount of it needed for Santa’s sleigh to take off – or an idea along those lines.  On the corniness scale, this ranks somewhere past Nebraska in August.  If Splenda could talk, it would tell this scene to tone down the sweetness a notch. Continue reading The True Value of Christmas

Finding Happiness Outside Our Walls

“Oh I’ve heard, that it’s good, to look before you cross…
And nobody, no one, nowhere will ever find you – if you don’t get yourself lost.”   (Robinson/Robinson)

We’re all a little flawed.  Some of us more than others, I guess, but we’ve all got some baggage in our respective metaphorical closets.  Once we become cognizant it’s there, we’ve got exactly two choices on how we can proceed – we can avoid it, or we can address it.

The problem with addressing it, though, is that it’s hard.  And sometimes scary.  And it might take a while.  Plus, we’ve got shit to do.  The kids have practice or that report is due or the boat payment isn’t going to make itself; whatever the reason, we resign ourselves to a course of avoidance and move forward, albeit down a serpentine path. Continue reading Finding Happiness Outside Our Walls