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Someday, I Will Call Upon You…To Vote For the Bloggies

Friends, Enemies, and Indifferent Yet Loyal Readers,

I need your help.  I try to entertain y’all to the best of my ability just for the sake of doing so, but for the next four weeks, we have an opportunity to help this here website take a big step forward.  If that step is big enough, perhaps sooner than later I can make entertaining you a full-time job, and then everyone wins.  Except the Cubs.

Once a year, the Weblog Awards, commonly known as The Bloggies, are handed out to the best blogs in a variety of categories.  If we were to win one, it would bring a lot of new traffic and visibility to the site – both of which are very important to me as I bump along  through this ongoing quest to write for a living.

What I ask of you, in grateful humility, is to go vote for Tanktronic.com on the Bloggies website.  It should only take you two or three minutes, because you’re very, very smart.  And sexy.

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The Solemn Power of Being There

Maybe it’s just me.  All my life, I would reflexively and constantly envision where my life was taking me, and how the people in front of me would fit in to that picture.  Some people would get the lifetime pass, but for most I had to be able to loosely identify how we fit together.  Would you be helping me?  Would I be helping you?  Would we be able to hang out and relax together?   Did we entertain each other? Continue reading The Solemn Power of Being There