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Children and/or Friends

Here’s a disclaimer that will likely become obvious quite quickly : I don’t have children.

I hope to, someday, and I fully expect to look back at this, smile, shake my head, and smirk about how hopelessly clueless and naive I was.  Opinions are supposed to change as we grow and learn, after all, that’s kind of how the whole life thing works.  Knowing that your view might change, though, doesn’t invalidate today’s perspective.

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Advice From the Unadvisable

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.  Hell, this asshole has a whole website full of opinions.   Most of the water in the ocean of others’ opinions doesn’t matter much; everyone has their biases and reasons for them.  Some people will always prefer Coke, some will always prefer Pepsi – although I do believe the latter are dealing with some sort of physical impairment regarding taste perception. Continue reading Advice From the Unadvisable

The Solemn Power of Being There

Maybe it’s just me.  All my life, I would reflexively and constantly envision where my life was taking me, and how the people in front of me would fit in to that picture.  Some people would get the lifetime pass, but for most I had to be able to loosely identify how we fit together.  Would you be helping me?  Would I be helping you?  Would we be able to hang out and relax together?   Did we entertain each other? Continue reading The Solemn Power of Being There