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Paris : Day 31 – Getting Chippy on the Eurostar

Before heading home for good, I had a date with London for three days.  My return flight was from London-Heathrow, so the train ride here was a one-way affair.  The Eurostar ride is mostly unremarkable except for its smoothness and quietness.  It’s hard to believe you’re going as fast as the blurry scenery on the other side of the window indicates.

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Paris : Day 4 – Meet Hermione

The day started off like just about every one of them over here; awakening to the clatter of keys immediately outside my door somewhere around 8am.  I don’t know who is living in the flat next to me, but I can only assume they stalk the streets of Paris at night, murdering innocents, and adding their house keys to their KeyRing of Death as trophies.  Because that shit is getting louder every night.  I Continue reading Paris : Day 4 – Meet Hermione