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Finding Happiness Outside Our Walls

“Oh I’ve heard, that it’s good, to look before you cross…
And nobody, no one, nowhere will ever find you – if you don’t get yourself lost.”   (Robinson/Robinson)

We’re all a little flawed.  Some of us more than others, I guess, but we’ve all got some baggage in our respective metaphorical closets.  Once we become cognizant it’s there, we’ve got exactly two choices on how we can proceed – we can avoid it, or we can address it.

The problem with addressing it, though, is that it’s hard.  And sometimes scary.  And it might take a while.  Plus, we’ve got shit to do.  The kids have practice or that report is due or the boat payment isn’t going to make itself; whatever the reason, we resign ourselves to a course of avoidance and move forward, albeit down a serpentine path. Continue reading Finding Happiness Outside Our Walls