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Shit That Needs to Stop : Prescription Drugs

Chances are, one of them is circulating through your body right now.  Unless you’ve found a way to cure herpes with essential oils (and again, I’m really sorry about that), you’ve most likely left your doctor’s office in the not-so-distant past with a unintelligibly-written slip of paper.  You then motored directly to your nearest CVS or Walgreen’s, only for a pharmacy tech to ask detailed questions about said paper that you could not possibly answer.  Good times all around.

An hour later, you scooted on home with your panacea pills in a cloudy orange bottle.  Maybe you’re the living-dangerously type that went bottoms up right away and popped a few down your gullet without reading the novel stapled to the bag; maybe you were a little more like your humble author and wanted to understand a little more about the pharma-cocktail you were about to ingest.

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