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Shit That Needs to Stop : Driving

Whenever I talk about getting a driver’s license with my friends from Europe, they express considerable shock at how easy it is for us Americans to earn the right to drive.  Whereas getting your license in Germany requires years of classes and training and thousands of dollars, here in ‘Merica you can get one with about $99, a few hours, and a pulse.

I understand the lack of mass transit here makes this arrangement almost necessary, lest we have an entire generation of would-be students and workers stranded at home playing Destiny on their PS4s, but the result of the bar for driving eligibility being set ocean-bottom-low is painfully apparent out on our streets and highways.  Here are the most annoying, dangerous, and infuriating examples of shitty drivers dominating our thoroughfares.

Get In (Or Out Of) Your Lane

At least once, in every commute over ten miles using our wonderful Interstate system, I will encounter one example of Rights Guy.  He’s in the far left lane, with his cruise control set at 69mph in a 70mph zone.  He has his hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel, staring straight ahead, and he’s probably listening to Lee Greenwood.  Continue reading Shit That Needs to Stop : Driving