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The Most Amazing Thing to Happen on Halloween

Make sure to watch the side by side at the bottom.  Trust me on this.

You might have awakened this morning feeling pretty good about your Halloween costume.  Got a few compliments, people laughed, maybe you even won a $25 gift card to Chili’s from your local dive bar.

Somewhere in America, though, this guy was putting everyone else to shame.  Not necessarily for his costume – it was rather pedestrian – but for what he did in it.

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German Freddie Mercury Gets Down

The following is the first of a series of excerpts from the forthcoming untitled Tanktronic book, due out this winter.  In this excerpt, I reflect on my short time living in Stadthagen, a small town in Germany.

I lived in one of the town’s two hotels, in the one room they had that loosely resembled an apartment, complete with a kitchen fully stocked with pots and pans – but no stove or oven.  That pretty much summed up the spirit of Stadthagen – accommodating and quirky.  I made my three minute commute to the office in my rented small Mercedes, a name brand which is more Chevrolet than Cadillac in Germany.  I managed to find a couple young adults [and one child, embarrassingly] outside the office who spoke English fluently, and they gave me some sense of friendship and normalcy over the weekends.

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