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My Anaconda Don’t Want None

In the 2006 cult favorite Idiocracy, Mike Judge provides a frighteningly hilarious satirical look at what American culture might look like in the future.  In the film, the year is 2505, everyone wears Crocs, you can get handjobs at Starbucks, and the President of the United States is named Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. Continue reading My Anaconda Don’t Want None

Cultural Relativity, and the Quiet Beauty of Taco Bell

After several years traveling and living all around the globe, I once again find myself settled in my suburban existence – only now with a much greater understanding of how differently people around the world live.  In my time away, I learned to loathe some of the trappings of my “old life”, and learned to appreciate things I took for granted.  Time away from what you consider home is a microscope you use to analyze the structure of your life to that point – the combination of homesickness and a sudden abundance of free time give you plenty of time to reminisce and contemplate.

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