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Love : Letting Go and Holding On

The plan was hatched back in December, months before I put my two week’s notice in :

  • Wait for my bonus, and quit in March.
  • Spend April in Paris to get inspired, enjoy the city the way it was supposed to be enjoyed, and scrape all the crap from the previous 16 months out of my head.
  • Come home for May, connect with friends and get some writing done.
  • Spend June in Rome, volunteer at the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, maybe find a new inspiration or stumble into another epiphany among the splendor of Rome.

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Advice From the Unadvisable

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.  Hell, this asshole has a whole website full of opinions.   Most of the water in the ocean of others’ opinions doesn’t matter much; everyone has their biases and reasons for them.  Some people will always prefer Coke, some will always prefer Pepsi – although I do believe the latter are dealing with some sort of physical impairment regarding taste perception. Continue reading Advice From the Unadvisable