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French Children and the Secret Language of Cats. And Cameo.

I read in a recent article that French kids are less annoying than kids from the USA.  Ok, they use the terms “better behaved” but I adapted it for you. The claim is that the French parents have a life beyond their kids and don’t treat them like kings and queens that run the household. They teach kids patience by not letting them interrupt conversation.  They also teach their kids to be bored and invent games on their own instead of having to be constantly entertained.  I am not sure you have a lot of exposure to kids while you are there but maybe you have observed their behavior in restaurants.  What are your thoughts?

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Paris : Day 14 – Les Meow

Now that I’ve shaken off the jet lag and settled in to a somewhat regular routine here in Paris, and shaken the monkey of ‘writing something…anything’ off my back for a bit, I’ve had a chance to do some of the mindless wandering of the city that I was looking forward to doing.  I head out in search of the odd, the beautiful, and the oddly beautiful.  I like to think I fall into the last category; alas, likely only the first – sigh. Continue reading Paris : Day 14 – Les Meow