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Sometimes, Reddit is Awesome.

Over the course of the last five months, I’ve gone from being completely ignorant of Reddit, to being confused by it, to loving it, to hating it, loving, hating, etc.

As a writer blogger person who writes things, it can be an express lane to huge exposure to tens of thousands of readers – but can just as easily be a hive of snarky assholes tearing apart or removing your submitted content.

While I’ve settled in to a place where I learned to live with the dichotomy that is Reddit, there are some aspects of it I can absolutely not deny – they are incredible at doing insanely stupid and funny things insanely quickly.

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Feline Nursing and Realizing I’m a Helicopter Parent

There was actually a beautiful symmetry to it.

In the first year after bringing my cat, Clifford, home from the shelter, I had a pretty substantial knee surgery, one that would leave me in a significant amount of pain and relegated to my couch for four days.  I learned in those days how supportive [read : unhealthily attached] Cliff was going to be – twice a day, he would efficiently combine his trips to his food dish, water bowl, and litter box in one loop, and then promptly jump back up next to me on the couch.  No looking out the window, no sleeping elsewhere – he was at my side 23.9 hours a day.

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