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Drunk French : Missed Connections

So last night EZ and I went out for a late dinner before the American team’s second World Cup game, set to start at midnight.  The destination was a British pub near Trocadero, to satisfy my weeks-long craving for fish and chips.

We finished dinner earlier than expected, and realized we might have enough time before kickoff to make it back to the other British pub across town we had watched the first game at – since they won, it seemed like the natural order of the universe would be to watch every game there.

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Paris : Day 24 – Hidden Pussy

So either I’m just lucky, I have telekinetic powers, or the girl next door reads my website – unfortunately the second is more probable than the third – but she has finally stopped doing a can-can dance with her keys every morning.  Alas, I have a new enemy in the building.

The building must employ some kind of cleaning person, because every few days there is someone vacuuming the stairs and the landing on every floor.  The idea in itself is a little absurd, because the building is old and mostly filthy anyway, and the carpet they’re maintaining is dirty and threadbare.  Even if the occasional sweep to pick up litter would be beneficial, I really don’t know what a vacuum cleaner is bringing to the party here.

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Paris : Day 4 – Meet Hermione

The day started off like just about every one of them over here; awakening to the clatter of keys immediately outside my door somewhere around 8am.  I don’t know who is living in the flat next to me, but I can only assume they stalk the streets of Paris at night, murdering innocents, and adding their house keys to their KeyRing of Death as trophies.  Because that shit is getting louder every night.  I Continue reading Paris : Day 4 – Meet Hermione