Rome : Day VIII – Pomodoro Potpourri

Now that EZ has been whisked back to Paris, I found myself kind of sleepwalking through the day – on one hand, not really doing much worth discussing, but on the other, more aware of the little things.  This is probably a good time to recap some random observations and idiosyncrasies of Rome; at least from this American’s perspective :

  • I feel like there is a Pitbull impersonator convention going on at all times in Rome.  On the bus, on the street, in the bar – there’s always a dude that looks like he’s about to shout “da-le!”  Next time on the bus I’m going to shout “305!” and see what happens.


  • 93% of elderly Italian men walk holding their hands behind their backs.[otw_shortcode_sidebars sidebar_id=”otw-sidebar-2″][/otw_shortcode_sidebars]
  • I am endlessly entertained by the wildly optimistic duos around all the tourist destinations that think that – any second now – they’re going to get that perfect shot of themselves right in front of the attraction with no one else in the picture.  It always ends up being the subject holding a forced awkward smile for minutes, while the photographer spends that time waving other tourists through : “go ahead….no, go ahead…that’s ok go ahead…no, go ahead…”
  • Romans are strangely particular about their change.  After a week I noticed I had no Euro coins smaller than 50 cents, which is extremely strange; normally I have a wheelbarrow full of “too small to put back in my pocket” coins at this stage of a trip.  Walking back through transactions in my head, the cashiers and waiters always seem to encourage you to pitch in whatever change is needed to give you back an even Euro amount.  If that fails, they’ll often just round up or down to the nearest €0.50.
  • if you’re walking through a back street or side street in central Rome, keep your head down and watch where you’re walking.  Just trust me on this.  Those stones are pretty, but also a breeding ground for twisted ankles.

2014-06-03 14.39.25

  • You need to get suppli as often as possible.  They are essentially fried rice balls with mozzarella in them, and I don’t understand how they have not made it to America yet.

2014-06-08 21.21.40

  • Italian espresso : believe the hype.

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  • seeing little old lady nuns walking around Rome together is never not adorable.
  • more than any other locals I’ve ever seen, the Romans seem most in touch with the fact that their city is awesome.  Their smiles and enthusiastic greetings seem like they could all end with “…because we’re in fucking Rom-a!  High five!”

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