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Sometimes, Reddit is Awesome.

Over the course of the last five months, I’ve gone from being completely ignorant of Reddit, to being confused by it, to loving it, to hating it, loving, hating, etc.

As a writer blogger person who writes things, it can be an express lane to huge exposure to tens of thousands of readers – but can just as easily be a hive of snarky assholes tearing apart or removing your submitted content.

While I’ve settled in to a place where I learned to live with the dichotomy that is Reddit, there are some aspects of it I can absolutely not deny – they are incredible at doing insanely stupid and funny things insanely quickly.

Here is a picture that a girl posted to the subreddit Aww, a message board of sorts intended for cute animal pictures.



No doubt, this is an impressively cute photo of a hyper cat jumping on its owner’s bed.  It was “upvoted” frequently and became one of the more popular posts of the day.

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Within minutes, though, someone pointed out that this photo would be a prime candidate to be posted on a different subreddit, photoshopbattles, where people take famous or ideal photos to see who can PhotoShop it in the funniest manner.

Within two hours… I repeat, TWO HOURS… all of the following photoshopped pieces were submitted to the thread :







Click on the photo above for a .gif-y treat…





Now, my personal 3rd place and 2nd place favorites :





And, the winner :


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