Phailure #51

creepy family

 Unfortunately, this is my sister and I, circa 1981.  While scanning family photos, I physically recoiled at the incestuous overtones of this shot.  I don’t know who the photographer responsible for this was, but there’s a good chance you can find them here.


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One thought on “Phailure #51”

  1. My sister and ME. Being from the midwest myself, I’d recognize that regional habit of misuse of personal pronouns anywhere. We were taught to say things like “Her and her mother went to the store.” But when we learn to just parse it out to “She went to the store and her mother went to the store”, we can see that combining the two results in “She, and her mother, went to the store”. Whereas it is correct to say “I went to the store with her and her mother” because it also works if you break it down.

    I hope this comment has adequately shifted the focus from the photo.

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