Patrick Stewart = Man

As part of her post today, The Bloggess included the video below of Sir Patrick Stewart answering a surprisingly serious question from a fan at Comicpalooza 2013 in Texas.  I found this noteworthy because :

1) It shows how awesome of a person Sir Patrick is when he shows genuine compassion for both the fight against domestic violence, as well as the girl asking the question.

2) It allows us to listen to him talk for seven minutes, and I’m pretty sure I could listen to him for seven hours without tiring of it.

3)  I think there are a lot of us who have lost our parents, and at some point or another wonder if we’re committing too much of our energy to remembering the past instead of focusing on the future.   Emotions seem to oscillate between feeling guilty for moving on and feeling overindulgent for dwelling on it.

Yet here is someone who is 74 years old, having accomplished more than he ever imagined he would in his life,  still working so passionately on causes in memory of his mother and father.  Pretty damn cool.

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