Ranking all 97 Metallica Songs. Because Why Not?

For reasons unbeknownst to even myself, I decided to rank every original Metallica song from their nine studio albums.  All cover songs [including the old and the new Garage Days] were excluded.  Sure, some songs like “Breadfan” would have ranked pretty damn high, but part of the criteria was songwriting, which you can’t really evaluate if it’s not a Metallica song.  The two original songs from the S&M album are included. Continue reading

Cultural Relativity, and the Quiet Beauty of Taco Bell

After several years traveling and living all around the globe, I once again find myself settled in my suburban existence – only now with a much greater understanding of how differently people around the world live.  In my time away, I learned to loathe some of the trappings of my “old life”, and learned to appreciate things I took for granted.  Time away from what you consider home is a microscope you use to analyze the structure of your life to that point – the combination of homesickness and a sudden abundance of free time give you plenty of time to reminisce and contemplate.

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The Solemn Power of Being There

Maybe it’s just me.  All my life, I would reflexively and constantly envision where my life was taking me, and how the people in front of me would fit in to that picture.  Some people would get the lifetime pass, but for most I had to be able to loosely identify how we fit together.  Would you be helping me?  Would I be helping you?  Would we be able to hang out and relax together?   Did we entertain each other? Continue reading

The 10 Most Underrated Songs of the 90’s*

* ok, and a couple from the late 80’s.

Of course this is a highly subjective list, but here’s my criteria for the list :

  • The “underrated” detail is key;  this disqualifies chart-topping singles, and songs generally considered to be the greatest of their genre or era.  “Thriller” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, for examples.
  • The more popular the artist, the harder for them to have a spot on the list.  Since virtually everything a Radiohead or Kanye West is critically acclaimed, it’s hard for their work to be considered underrated
  • Released from 1988 to 2001

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because you have nothing better to do.