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The Most Amazing Thing to Happen on Halloween

Make sure to watch the side by side at the bottom.  Trust me on this.

You might have awakened this morning feeling pretty good about your Halloween costume.  Got a few compliments, people laughed, maybe you even won a $25 gift card to Chili’s from your local dive bar.

Somewhere in America, though, this guy was putting everyone else to shame.  Not necessarily for his costume – it was rather pedestrian – but for what he did in it.

I need to introduce this awesomeness to you in two steps, because your head would likely explode if you had to take it all in at once.  First, check out guy rocking his Wolverine costume (I’m not even sure that’s an accurate Wolverine, for the record) dancing to Beyonce :

Cute enough, good for a chuckle, guy seemingly dancing well but randomly to his friend’s cell phone speaker playing some Queen B.

But then, you watch this – and realize he was doing the entire dance from the video in perfect time.

Wolverine Dancing Guy vs. Beyonce Mashup

My apologies – I tried like hell to embed this in site, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as on the original page.  Also, you might want to refresh that page to make sure they sync up correctly.

The link above is best, but if you want to manually play both side by side, you can do so below.

YouTube Doubler

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