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Cultural Relativity, and the Quiet Beauty of Taco Bell

After several years traveling and living all around the globe, I once again find myself settled in my suburban existence – only now with a much greater understanding of how differently people around the world live.  In my time away, I learned to loathe some of the trappings of my “old life”, and learned to appreciate things I took for granted.  Time away from what you consider home is a microscope you use to analyze the structure of your life to that point – the combination of homesickness and a sudden abundance of free time give you plenty of time to reminisce and contemplate.

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The 10 Most Underrated Songs of the 90’s*

* ok, and a couple from the late 80’s.

Of course this is a highly subjective list, but here’s my criteria for the list :

  • The “underrated” detail is key;  this disqualifies chart-topping singles, and songs generally considered to be the greatest of their genre or era.  “Thriller” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, for examples.
  • The more popular the artist, the harder for them to have a spot on the list.  Since virtually everything a Radiohead or Kanye West is critically acclaimed, it’s hard for their work to be considered underrated
  • Released from 1988 to 2001

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Can and Can’t

Whenever life presents options to you, and you must make a choice on how to move forward, a common theme always emerges.  Basically, your biggest and hardest decisions always come down to determining what you can’t do, versus what you can do.  The realization of the former renders the evaluation of the latter moot.  Once you know what you can no longer live with, any doubt or fear about the alternative simply becomes something you need to learn to control and triumph over.

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