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Advice From the Unadvisable

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.  Hell, this asshole has a whole website full of opinions.   Most of the water in the ocean of others’ opinions doesn’t matter much; everyone has their biases and reasons for them.  Some people will always prefer Coke, some will always prefer Pepsi – although I do believe the latter are dealing with some sort of physical impairment regarding taste perception. Continue reading Advice From the Unadvisable

Paris : Day 3 – Smelling the Roses

The day started taking the metro to the north of Paris, to a sleepy area nestled behind Sacre Coeur.   I met a friend for lunch, the food being a textbook example of what makes the little things in Paris so wonderful.  It was just penne pasta with some rotisserie chicken in a cream sauce, but every part of it was just so. damn. good.   Continue reading Paris : Day 3 – Smelling the Roses

CM Punk, and the Myth of Professionalism

Chances are, at some point in your career, you have been told or encouraged to “be professional”.  This usually takes on one of two meanings :

  • to dress well, not curse openly, practice respectable hygiene, and act in a mature and personable manner
  • to soldier on quietly as promises or other things you’ve earned are not honored or given.  For example, “We’ve decided to not give you the raise we discussed, but we hope you’ll be professional about this and continue to work hard for us”

While the sentiment behind the first definition is generally innocuous and, by all accounts, good advice, the second definition is not so straightforward.   Continue reading CM Punk, and the Myth of Professionalism

Ranking all 97 Metallica Songs. Because Why Not?

For reasons unbeknownst to even myself, I decided to rank every original Metallica song from their nine studio albums.  All cover songs [including the old and the new Garage Days] were excluded.  Sure, some songs like “Breadfan” would have ranked pretty damn high, but part of the criteria was songwriting, which you can’t really evaluate if it’s not a Metallica song.  The two original songs from the S&M album are included. Continue reading Ranking all 97 Metallica Songs. Because Why Not?