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Our Rights Trump Your Religion

Each and every person on this Earth has an inalienable right to live in peace, to pursue their own happiness, and to be regarded and treated as equals to all other people in every measurable way.  If you hold religious beliefs that are at odds with these concepts, then your religious beliefs are a problem.  A problem that needs to be addressed.

As a group of human beings occupying this planet simultaneously, we have a collective choice to make: either we strive towards those simple yet critical ends, or we don’t.  If we choose to – and I tend to believe any halfway reasonable Supreme Being would want us to – then we have to stop acting as if religion is exempt from any manner of criticism.

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Social Media & The Neutering of Meaningful Discussion

For weeks, the controversial killing of Michael Brown and  subsequent refusal of a grand jury to bring the white police officer who killed him to trial was at the forefront of American consciousness.  Folks in Ferguson reacted passionately and loudly, the figurative and literal flames of civil unrest burning for days; similar but more restrained demonstrations fanned out across the country.

Those far removed from the urban centers where the protested injustices take place took to social media to passionately change their Facebook avatars and adamantly share text-based images about freedom or equality or something else tangentially related to the details of what took place in Ferguson that night.


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…And The Best Song Ever Is…

It is, quite possibly, the only question in existence to which every answer given sounds ludicrous.

Even queries as massive in scope as “Who was the best person to ever live?” beget potential responses agreeable to most who hear them; an answer of “Mother Teresa” will elicit a thoughtful nod as a fair answer, for instance.  Asking “Who was the worst person to ever exist?” not only has plausible answers, it even has a de-facto correct one: Adolph Hitler.  Or, possibly, Nicki Minaj.

But offer your two cents on what the Best Song Ever is, and you will surely be met with an instantaneous and vitriolic “Oh, that is fucking dumb.  No way.  How could you even think that?”  You can go with The Beatles, Stones, Dylan, or Oingo Boingo, and sure as the sun will rise you will have picked the wrong one to crown as the best. Continue reading …And The Best Song Ever Is…

Ferguson : The Right Fight, The Wrong Time

Our world is, has been, and always will be populated by two factions: those on the right side of history, and those that oppose them.  Over time, thankfully, the right side prevails – the world is a more tolerant and enlightened place today than it was even a single year ago.

Pushing social norms toward the light requires strength and dedication from the enlightened to expose injustices to the masses that are ignorant or indifferent to their existence.  Just as critical as that strength and dedication, though, is discretion.

The righteous seek to educate those clinging to notions of propriety that are innocuously outdated or shamefully based in hatred that need to be converted.  The only effective way to convert them is challenging their prejudiced views and opinions with facts and sincerity.  The best approach is to nullify all their counterarguments by systematically revealing their flaws; the change will not be instant, but given time to reflect the wrong-minded will hopefully shift their worldview.

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Shit That Needs to Stop : Black Friday

Let me ask you a question.  The next time you’re out in public, maybe somewhere classy like an Applebee’s, would you be willing to accept $100 in exchange for standing tall and screaming:

“Excuse me! May I have your attention?  I want the world to know that I just farted.  It was satisfying in the moment, but I just now realized how eye-watering foul the resulting stench was, and the guilt is driving me mad.  I can no longer in good conscience sit here implying with my watering eyes that this was the doing of the chunky twelve-year-old boy at the table next to us.  It was I, and I am sorry.  Also, I consistently disappoint my sex partners.” ?

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