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Praise vs. Progress: The Flawed Fight For Racial Equality

The killing of Trayvon Martin three years ago, an act of dubious legal and moral validity, sparked a movement that sought to identify and protest race-based injustices. That spark roared to a flame in Ferguson, amidst allegations of murder at the hands of local police.  The fire burned on through similarly controversial police actions involving minorities in New York, Cleveland and Baltimore.

Voices raised against the stain of racism from every angle; from the #BlackLivesMatter movement to columnists and essayists across news media to millions of individuals around the country using their social media accounts to advocate change.

They were legion, and they were right.

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It’s How You Play The Game…

Bottom of the ninth.  Runner on first.  One out.

You’ve got your best baserunner on first.  The Kid has wheels.  He’s got 41 steals this year, only thrown out four times. Virtually a lock to nab second.  Your #3 batter is up, cleanup guy on deck.  Both hitting over .330 this year.

You peer from the dugout.  Across the diamond, two hundred feet away, the third base coach locks his eyes to yours.  You take a breath.  You tune out the crowd.  You make the decision, and swipe your hand over the brim of your cap.


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Hey Anti-Vax Parents : Why Aren’t You Smoking?

So, I hear you’re an anti-vax parent?  Yes?  Wow, that’s interesting.

From what people tell me, you believe vaccines are useless at best, an express train to autism at worst, and you refuse to expose your children to such dangerous snake oil garbage?  So that’s true?  Ok.

Well, hey, how ya doin’?  Feeling clean, healthy… natural?  Great.

Look, I know we’ve had this chat before, and I got a little goofy with it, as I’m wont to do, but I want to ratchet up the seriousness and try this again, alright?  I want to approach this from a slightly different angle this time around.

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