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How is Jimmy John’s so Freaking Fast?

Why is Jimmy John’s so freaky fast?

–       AH in Royal Oak, MI

There are several common misperceptions about how Jimmy John’s can get those delicious sandwiches to you so quickly –  most of which are based on hyperactive sandwich makers, a loose interpretation of local speed laws by the delivery drivers, a faulty perception of time elapsed by the distracted orderer, or some combination therein.

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French Children and the Secret Language of Cats. And Cameo.

I read in a recent article that French kids are less annoying than kids from the USA.  Ok, they use the terms “better behaved” but I adapted it for you. The claim is that the French parents have a life beyond their kids and don’t treat them like kings and queens that run the household. They teach kids patience by not letting them interrupt conversation.  They also teach their kids to be bored and invent games on their own instead of having to be constantly entertained.  I am not sure you have a lot of exposure to kids while you are there but maybe you have observed their behavior in restaurants.  What are your thoughts?

–       OC in Boca Raton, FL Click for the answer…

Paris : Day 7 – Bathroom Rescue

Just about every fast food joint or American-style coffee shop in Paris is a clusterfuck.  This is a given.  The high-turnover nature of the service, combined with the perception of it being an oasis for weary, homesick Americans looking for a place to regroup and argue over how the Metro works and which line would be best make it so.  Side note : from experience, the woman is always right in these arguments.  This is not ass-kissing to the ladies : I stand by my assertion that their driving directional skills are suspect – but for some reason, they’ve got mass transit down.

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