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Rome : Day VIII – Pomodoro Potpourri

Now that EZ has been whisked back to Paris, I found myself kind of sleepwalking through the day – on one hand, not really doing much worth discussing, but on the other, more aware of the little things.  This is probably a good time to recap some random observations and idiosyncrasies of Rome; at least from this American’s perspective :

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Rome : Day VII – Fried and Tongue-Tied

I’m not exactly proud of it, but we found ourselves back at Rossopomodoro for lunch.  I know, it’s almost sacrilege to return to a place that might even be a distant cousin of Applebee’s in its ethos, but it was a pretty simple equation on this day – it was hot as fuck out there, and they were the closest place that had indoor seating with air conditioning. Continue reading Rome : Day VII – Fried and Tongue-Tied

Rome : Day VI – A Contrast in Service

We got up at a time where eating cereal was actually appropriate, which was par for the course for EZ, but for me was a source of great pride and sense of accomplishment.  Over breakfast we laid out our plan for the day, of course optimized to avoid backtracking of taking an inefficient route – I may be wild and free in my unemployment, but I am still me. Continue reading Rome : Day VI – A Contrast in Service

Rome : Day V – Disabled Pussy

We started the day off with lunch at Rossopomodoro next to the Sanctuary.  I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling that the place is part of a chain that would be somewhat akin to TGIFriday’s in America.  Nonetheless, the food was still quite good – even crappy Italian food is better than anything you would get without a reservation back home.

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Rome : Day IV – Arrivals and Departures

Today was all about waiting for the lovely and talented EZ (you may remember her from London) to arrive from Paris in the afternoon.  I slept in to a semi-reasonable hour, strolled by the kitties at Torre Argentina – said hello to the one that sleeps on the wall and hates me for some reason, and then set out on a search for a Thai foot massage.  I’m not addicted.  Who said I’m addicted?  I can stop when I want to.  It’s not like you’re perfect! Continue reading Rome : Day IV – Arrivals and Departures