2015 Bloggies : Thank You! Now Do It Again, Please

Hello again my friends – sorry for the relative paucity of posts in the past… shit, I can’t think of a measurement of time that starts with a ‘P’.  Alliteration fail.

Anyway, I’m excited and I want to share the news and thank you for your support:  we’ve made it to the Finals of the 2015 Bloggies, in the “Best-Kept Secret” category.  I’m going to attempt to not concentrate on the fact that being nominated in that category may be a passive-aggressive insult and just embrace it.

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I absolutely couldn’t have gotten this far without you;  I sincerely appreciate your readership and help reaching this point.  This finalist spot means we received enough nominations to be on the voting ballot in the second round (the second round voting was done by 200 randomly selected voters), and due to some luck and potentially alcohol, enough of them voted for tanktronic.com in the Best-Kept Secret category to earn a spot in the final voting.

So now, yes, I need your help again.  One more time – and this will be the last time – I politely beg you to go to the 2015 Bloggies website and vote for tanktronic.com in the Best-Kept Secret category.  It’s a super-quick process – just click on the button to vote, then scroll to the bottom to answer a not-so-annoying CAPTCHA and enter your name and email address.  Within a few minutes you’ll get an email with a link to validate your vote – click on that and you’re done; and likely now a part of internet history.  And not for that amateur porn you did in college when you blew through your student loan stipend your second week of the semester.

You can vote in as few or as many categories as you like, but while you’re there, please vote for my dear friend over at Stories About My Underpants in the Most Humorous Weblog category.  I can only presume she hits her knees at night thanking a higher power she was not pitted against the juggernaut that is tanktronic.com  in the finals.  Next year we will go at it in the Blog of the Year finals like Neo and Agent Smith, minus the chaotic rainfall.

Thanks again, I truly appreciate your support.  Oh, and don’t forget to share the shit out of the voting link on Facebook or whatever the kids are using these days.

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