Someday, I Will Call Upon You…To Vote For the Bloggies

Friends, Enemies, and Indifferent Yet Loyal Readers,

I need your help.  I try to entertain y’all to the best of my ability just for the sake of doing so, but for the next four weeks, we have an opportunity to help this here website take a big step forward.  If that step is big enough, perhaps sooner than later I can make entertaining you a full-time job, and then everyone wins.  Except the Cubs.

Once a year, the Weblog Awards, commonly known as The Bloggies, are handed out to the best blogs in a variety of categories.  If we were to win one, it would bring a lot of new traffic and visibility to the site – both of which are very important to me as I bump along  through this ongoing quest to write for a living.

What I ask of you, in grateful humility, is to go vote for on the Bloggies website.  It should only take you two or three minutes, because you’re very, very smart.  And sexy.

How to vote:

  • go to the 2015 Bloggies website
  • read the rules if you want, but I’ll be going through them here in a completely unbiased and non-self-serving fashion.  Really.
  • scroll down to the categories, and you’ll see every category has three lines on which you can nominate a website.
  • I will be grateful for a nomination in any category you see fit, but I recommend :
    • Best-Designed Weblog
    • Most Humorous Weblog
    • Best Writing of a Weblog
    • Best-Kept Secret Weblog
    • Best New Weblog
    • Weblog of the Year
  • You can nominate a site in as many categories as you wish, so go nuts.  Our best chance may be in “Best New Weblog”, but all of them apply.
  • to nominate, please type Tanktronic where it says Nominee, and also type where it says URL.
  • The voting rules specify you must nominate at least three unique websites.  So, as much as it will pain you, you will need to nominate two other blogs at least once.  If you don’t have any preference, I can recommend the following :
  • Weblog of the Year

The Bloggess 

  • Most Humorous Weblog

Stories About My Underpants

  • After you’ve entered the nominations, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • You’ll need to answer a very easy and non-annoying CAPTCHA, and enter your name and email address.  I would appreciate if you  also check the box to be a potential judge in the next round, assuming you plan on still liking me next month.
  • Click Submit Your Nominations
  • The last step is validating your vote by clicking on a link in an email that will be sent to the email address you used to vote.  Please remember to do this!

That’s it.  It would mean the world to me to win a category, or even making it to the final round.  It’s still a dream of mine to write full-time, and if you can take a few minutes to help a dream become a reality, I will sincerely appreciate your effort.  Plus, I am willing to subject myself to an embarrassing photo suggested by you guys if we win – leave your idea in the comments below.

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